About The Real Estaters, LLC

Welcome to The Real Estaters, LLC, Orofino's premier real estate office with a legacy spanning over 45 years in the heart of this vibrant community. As the longest-running office in Orofino, our dedication to excellence and commitment to serving our clients has stood the test of time. What sets us apart is our on-site Broker, ensuring every transaction is guided by seasoned expertise, insight, and integrity. Our team comprises agents deeply rooted in this area who are devoted community members; passionate about showcasing the best of North Central Idaho and guiding you to your dream property. We pride ourselves not only on our professionalism but also on being attentive partners, being there through every step of your real estate journey with warmth and a friendly approach. At The Real Estaters, we don't just sell homes; we build relationships that last a lifetime in a world of unparalleled service and expertise.


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